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Who are our Leaders?
Young Life leaders have lives as varied as the teens with whom we build friendships.  Of all ages, young life leaders have committed to 1) walk closely with Jesus 2) do regular "contact work" on the specific High School Campus 3) "earn the right to be heard" and tell our High School friends about Jesus.  These leaders meet regularly for training and prayer, and are available and willing to walk through life with their teenage friends.  
Young Life leaders are a special group.  While they go to schoolwork part time, or have a career, they spend their free time investing in the lives of teenagers, and for no pay!  It's all volunteer!  They are incredible!

What it means to be a leader...

For more information about what it means to be a Young Life Leader visit youweremadeforthis.org.


How do I become a Young Life Leader? 

We want for each volunteer leader to be confident of their calling and understand how everything they do makes a great difference in the lives of high school and middle school kids.
It is easy to start getting involved...
STEP 1 - Contact Us!  
STEP 2 - Try it on! Talk with a staff person. Visit a Club meeting.See if it's a good fit for you.
STEP 3 - Pray about your involvement as you continue to get plugged in and go through our volunteer leader training. 


Please feel free to contact Robby Mitchell, robbymitchell@gmail.com if you have any questions.


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